World Economic Forum
September 2020

Celebrating Refugee Resilience: Kakuma Settlement Project

In Summer 2020, the Forum of Young Global Leaders hosted a live virtual panel to celebrate refugee stories, showcase the World Economic Forum’s Kakuma Settlement Project, and mobilize stakeholders and constituents. Mahmoud collaborated with project partners and stakeholders to design and convene this public session, moderating the panel from the World Economic Forum studio in Geneva. A video summary of the event is available here.

World Affairs Councils of America
December 2017

“What We Need to See in Palestine is an Inclusive and Representative Leadership”

In a 2017 panel discussion moderated by Sarah Wildman of NBC News and hosted by the World Affairs Councils of America, Mahmoud joins Seeds of Peace alums Tamer Nagy Mahmoud, Doron Shapir, and Anna Tunkel to discuss their perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and possible pathways for creating sustainable peace. Mahmoud argued that aside from any regional or international initiative, it is on Palestinians to unite and determine the values of a future Palestinian state.

TEDx Tufts
April 2016

Can a Video Game Encounter Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls?

As a communications assistant at Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center, Mahmoud helped develop a global partnership model to introduce BREAKAWAY, a team-based video game that uses soccer and storytelling to counter violence against women and girls. Working with Champlain College students, recent graduates, and faculty, Mahmoud led the introduction of BREAKAWAY in Palestine in the summer of 2012, where students were able to discuss its themes. He also played a role in introducing it in El Salvador in 2013. Mahmoud highlights how bringing local community stakeholders onboard helped amplify the impact of BREAKAWAY in transforming perspectives.

Champlain College
May 2015

On the Power of Optimism

From vending at a roadside stand in Hebron to pursuing his dream of higher education in the United States, Mahmoud uses his commencement address to reflect on his journey at Champlain College, his undergraduate studies, and his engagement in extracurricular initiatives. He encourages his fellow graduates to reflect on their unique experiences and opportunities and to make the decision to approach the next phase of their lives with optimism and determination to create positive change.

TEDx Teen
June 2012

2008-2011: Pursuing Change Through Journalism - And Facing Trouble

Mahmoud’s childhood in the Israeli-controlled part of Hebron City, pushed him to look for ways to remedy the political injustice that he grew up witnessing. Inspired by Mazen Dana, the late Reuters TV Journalist, at a young age, Mahmoud found himself drawn to the camera and a pen, covering political news in Hebron for three years despite the risk. Faced with challenges following a traumatizing incident in February 2011, he left Hebron to change course.

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