GIS Economic Mapping

September 2016-
August 2017
Office of the Quartet
East Jerusalem, Gaza & West Bank


In 2016, the Jerusalem-based Quartet Mission launched a project to develop a GIS economic mapping tool in East Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank. The Quartet created the tool to inform the Palestinian Authority’s strategic planning for economic development.  The map would also support local business expansion and catalyze future investments from international actors in both public and private sectors.


The project team was tasked with designing an online interactive mapping tool that presented and visualized economic data and information from diverse sectors in Palestine including agriculture, tourism, construction, energy, and manufacturing.

On the Ground

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology was foundational to this project. The system’s unique ability to organize and analyze multiple types of data while factoring in geographic variables made it the perfect fit. With GIS technology, the Quartet aimed to create a map of investment opportunities in the West Bank.

This map could open the West Bank to the global economy, showing investors from around the world the region’s economic potential. Say an investor from the United States wanted to find land to build on; they could look at the map and see what land has access to electricity and water.

To create this tool, a team from the Quartet analyzed and outlined political and economic stakeholders in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and West Bank. Mahmoud himself collaborated with approximately 140 business leaders, government officials, diplomats, and international development professionals to codify the region’s economic challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Ola Awad
“The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics has worked with Mahmoud during his time at the Office of Quartet on the GIS Economic Mapping Tool, which led to the establishment of the Indicators platform. Mahmoud was cooperative, supportive and a good team player.”
Dr. Ola Awad

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics


Throughout the project, the Quartet's team conducted 30+ user case interviews with Palestinian business leaders in Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinian Authority officials, and a select group of diplomats representing relevant actors. These interviews inspired the mapping platform's set of user personas. The Quartet team designed these personas with demographic traits like age and income in mind.

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