Answering from Within: A Way Forward in Palestine

At the end of last month, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority addressed a United Nations Security Council special session on the Middle East. Frustrated with President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Abbas said that the Palestinians will no longer accept the United States as an exclusive broker. He demanded a multilateral […]

Upheaval in Palestine and Israel: Occupation and Beyond

It can be argued that the rising escalation in tensions and confrontations between the Israelis and Palestinians over the past two months demonstrates that the Israeli policy of conflict management in order to maintain the status quo in the Occupation of Palestinian Territories, has become unsustainable. The results of these policies and practices have marginalized […]

West Bank: Security Coordination Must Be Based on Respect

In 2002, I awoke one morning to find that the Palestinian Authority’s headquarters near my home in Hebron was under siege by Israeli tanks. The scene was not particularly strange since I had seen tanks and experienced curfews before, but seeing — and not merely hearing — the Israeli security forces with their tanks and […]

A Message to President Obama

The two of us writing this article, Mahmoud (21) from Hebron, and Gadi (52) from Tel Aviv, met this year at a conference in early March titled “Struggling with Peace”. It was organized by Peace It Together, a Canadian NGO that provides Israelis and Palestinians the opportunity to get to know and work with each […]